Our Guides

Meet our Guides. We are all serious cyclists but we are also archaeologists, journalists, wine specialists, linguists and historians. We offer true insight into the areas we guide and travel.

When not guiding I work with my business partners (I promise they really work) as a active tourism consultant for public and private sector.  My base is in southwestern Sardinia, a place with an authentic heart that remains still undiluted by mass tourism.  Italian apart, I speak Sardinian, wich is a language itself very different from Italian, English, Spanish and French. I'd say I love different cultures, that's why I feel able to communicate with different people.
What bike/s do you ride?
MTB – Giant Trance X
Road – Bianchi S9 Matta Titanium
Vintage – Mass Steel
Years riding?
40? For me, the bicycle has always represented a way to discover the world.
I live on the borders of the biggest mediterranean forest of Europe, and the bike was my boat, my horse, my space shuttle, to explore this mysterious, immense space. Of course there wheren't mountain bikes, so I was used to reinforcing regular bikes, I still can't believe what I've done with those fragile bikes!
Favourite ride?
That is an unfair question!I love, really love so many places, and for different reasons. Let me list at least few:
Provence, among the vineyards in spring, and you'll feel you are sailing on the vines.
Gran Canaria, cycling immersed on roads that look painted on canvas.
Andalusia, for the people you meet on its villages.
And of course my beloved Sardinia, with its dramatic landscapes and supernatural silences.